cañado [Spanish]

See also canada.

In Pontevedro, Spain, a unit of liquid capacity, usually encountered as the ½ cañado, which is 16.35 liters.

Also called a cañada. According to Doursther, the unit is associated with Galicia, and = 14 moyo = 4 ollas = 17 azumbres = 68 quartillos = 1360 onces, about 39.45 liters (10.43 U.S. gallons).



The Upper-Copeman's Allowance is 20 Canadars of Spanish Wine per Mens. besides Mum, White-Wine, and other Liquors; 24 li. of Wax for Candles, Corn for Poultry, Rice for Slaves, &c.

Charles Lockyer.
An Account of the Trade in India.
London: Printed for the Author, and sold by Samuel Crouch, 1711.
Page 312.

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