For the French unit, see canne. For the Italian unit, see canna.


Chapel of Santa Lucia, Barcelona

Photo courtesy Moebius

A cana standard built into a corner of the church of Santa Lucia in Barcelona. The church was built in 1268.

In Spain, primarily Catalonia, at least as early as the 13ᵗʰ – 19ᵗʰ centuries, a unit of length, varying with locality.

Province Nomenclature, Equivalents Length
in meters¹
Baleares media cana (“half cana”) 0.782
Barcelona cana (= 2 media cana = 8 palmos = 32 quartos²) 1.555
Gerona cana 1.559
Lérida media cana 0.778
Tarragona media cana 0.780

Alsina, Feliu and Marquet provide a lengthy list of local values (page 130), all in the ranges 1.555 – 1.698 meters or 1.928 – 1.982 m, the high range only for measuring cloth.

1. Dirección General del Instituto Geográfico y Estadístico.
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Publicadas de Real Orden.
Madrid: Imprenta de la Dirección General del Instituto Geográfica y Estadístico, 1886.

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2. Doursther, page 82.

Doursther says, “d'aprés une measure authentique, vérifée à la préfecture de Marseille, en 1829,” about 1.5520 meters.


For the unit of land area, see cana de rey.

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