cahiz [Spanish]

See also cafiz, which should not be confounded with this unit. A cahizada was also sometimes called a cahiz.


(Plural, cahices.) In Spain, a unit of dry capacity, about 666.012 liters (about 18.9 U.S. bushels) in Madrid, Castile, and most of the country. link to a chart showing relationships between Spanish units of dry capacity


In the province of Madrid in Spain, a unit used for trade in plaster. A cahiz of plaster traditionally consisted of 24 sacks, each containing 7 arrobas, each arroba weighing 8 Castilian libra. Later it was simply 15 quintales of plaster, or about 690 kilograms.


In Nicaragua, a unit of capacity, about 607.7 liters (about 17.24 U.S. bushels).


In Uruguay, a unit of capacity, about 514.77 liters.

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