broc [French]


In the canton of Vaud, Switzerland, after 1 January 1823, (and earlier in the city of Lausanne), a unit of liquid capacity = ¹⁄₃ setier = 10 pots or (in German) Mass = 100 verres or (in German) Becherlein = 500 cubic Vaud pouce (each = 3 centimeters) = 13.5 liters.  German-speakers called it a Gelte.

Doursther, 1840. Page 75.


In southeastern France, a premetric unit of capacity, varying with location.  In Istres and St. Mitre the broc was used for oil at a value of 11.392 liters.  In the neighboring commune of Martigues the broc of oil was 11.611 liters, but the broc of wine was 11.434 liters.

Arthur E. Kennelly.
Vestiges of Pre-Metric Weights and Measures Persisting in Metric-System Europe, 1926-1927.
New York: The Macmillan Company, 1928.

Page 50. From notes of an inspector of titles.

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