“Bilká, (?) H[indi]. A sheaf of corn, used in Kumaun as a means of measuring land, the number of Bilkás being computed as corresponding with that of the nalis of seed sown in a Bisi.”

Please see the source materials in bisi. The idea is that each nali of seed should yield 1 sheaf (bilka) of grain.

H. H. Wilson.
A Glossary of Judicial and Revenue Terms, and of Useful Words Occurring in Official Documents Relating to the Administration of the Government of British India, from the Arabic, Persian, Hindustání, Sanskrit, Hindí, Bengálí, Uṛiya, Maráṭhi, Guzaráthí, Telugu, Karnáta, Tamil, Malayálam, and other Languages.
London: W. H. Allen and Co., 1855.

Page 572.

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