eel barrel

In England, a unit of capacity used for packing salted eels. In 2 Henry VI chapter 14 (1423) it is defined as 30 gallons, the same as a herring barrel, but 22 Edward IV chapter 2 (1482 – 1483) defines it as 42 gallons, the same as a salmon barrel. In 1662 Malynes says it is 42 gallons:

There is also a measure called Salmon Butt of 84 gallons : so the Barrell of Salmon 42 Gallons, the halfe 21. The Herring Barrel is 32 Gallons, and the Eele Barrell 42 Gallons, and the halfe and Firken of both these must hold accordingly ; the Soape Barrell 32 Gallons.

Gerard Malynes.
Consuetudo Vel Lex Mercatoria, or the Ancient Law-Merchant.…
London: Printed by Adam Islip, 1622.
Page 50.

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