apple barrel


In Britain, 18ᵗʰ century, a unit of capacity for apples, a barrel with a capacity of 3 bushels.

Apples, the Barrel containing 3 Bushels

Henry Crouch.
A complete view of the British customs. 1st edition.
London: Printed by T. Baskett and by the assigns of R. Baskett, for T. Longman and T. Shewell, 1724.
Page 72.


In the United States, a unit of dry capacity defined by Congress in 1912¹ as having

1. Aug 3, 1912, c 273 §1, 37 Stat. 250.

15 USC Sec 231 (01/16/96)

§ 231. Standard barrel for apples; steel barrels

The standard barrel for apples shall be of the following dimensions when measured without distention of its parts: Length of stave, twenty-eight and one-half inches; diameter of head, seventeen and one-eighth inches; distance between heads, twenty-six inches; circumference of bulge, sixty-four inches outside measurement, representing as nearly as possible seven thousand and fifty-six cubic inches: Provided, That steel barrels containing the interior dimensions provided for in this section shall be construed as a compliance therewith.


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