bahr [Farsi]

For the unit of mass, see bahar.

In Iran globe icon, ? – 20th century, a unit of length, approximately 3.25 centimeters (approximately 1.28 inches)¹. Also romanized as bahar and bar; the word also means “part”. In concept, it is the length of a thumb joint, 1½ digits. In the 19th century, and no doubt earlier, it varied with locality and commodity. One source² gives 3.5 centimeters (1/32nd of a dhar'-e shah'i), 3.2 cm (1/32nd of a dhar'-e moqassar), and 2.22 cm (1/32nd of an andazh). chart symbol

The metrication law of 31 May 1926 fixed the bahr at 1 centimeter, = 1/100th of a gaz. This law was not enforced and essentially abandoned within a few years.

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Die Handelsverhältnisse Persiens, mit besonder Berücksichtigung der deutschen Interessen.
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Page 32.

X A map showing the location of Iran.

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