atomic current

A unit of electric current employed in Germany in the 19ᵗʰ century, about 1.111 amperes. “Atomic current” is obviously not its correct German name, but so far we have been unable to locate a German source for this unit.


Courant atomique.— Unité employée en Allemagne. Intensité d'uncourant qui, traversant un voltamètre pendant 24 heures ou 86 400 secondes, dégagerait 1 gramme d'hydrogène. En télégraphie on a fait usage du milliatome, de grandeur comparable au milli-ampère, mais le milli-ampère tend aujourd'hui à se substituer partout au milli-atome.

Atomic current.—A unit employed in Germany. The strength of a current which, passing through a voltmeter for twenty-four hours, or 86,400 seconds, disengages 1 gram of hydrogen.

In telegraphy the milliatom has been used, comparable to the milliampere, but the milliampere is beginning to be substituted everywhere for the milliatom.

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