In India, ? – 19th century, a unit of dry capacity, chart symbol



Anjula, As much as can be held in the cavity formed by joining the two hands together in the shape of a bowl. … Anjulee, This has the same meaning as Anjula; but is current chiefly in Bundlecund. It is also applied to a mode of salutation by carrying the hands in this form to the forehead.-See also Angounga.

H. M. Elliot, 1845, page 22.


Anjal, Unjul, or Anjali, Unjulee, H. ( from S[anskrit]. अञ्जलिः, the two hands placed together and carried to the forehead as a reverential mode of salutation) A respectful mode of salutation. As much grain as can be held by the two hands put together. A handful of corn given from the threshing-floor; the same as Angaunga, q. v.

H. H. Wilson, 1855, page 27.


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