āṇā [Marathi आणा ]

In the state of Maharashtra, India opens map showing location of the state of Maharashtra in India, ? – 19ᵗʰ century, a unit of land area = 1/640ᵗʰ of an acre.



आणा āṇā m The sixteenth part of a rupee. 2 A land-measure, containing 7.5625 square yards. It is 1/16th of गुंठा [guṇṭhā] or 1/640th of an Acre. The गुंठा chain has sixteen links or आणा [āṇā]. 2 The sixteenth part of certain other quantities.

J. T. Molesworth, 1857, page 67.

Where is the state of Maharashtra in India?

A map showing the location of Maharashtra.

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