aldan when the cursor is over this symbol, the word is pronounced [Mongolian]

In Mongolia opens map showing location, ? – 20ᵗʰ centuries¹, a unit of length, approximately 1.6 meters (approximately 1.750 yards). It belongs to the fathom family of units.

The khos aldan  when the cursor is over this symbol, the word is pronounced. is a double aldan, approximately 3.2 meters (approximately 3.50 yards).¹ opens a new page containing a chart that shows relationships between this unit and other units in its system

Half of an aldan is a delim.

1. United Nations, 1966.

Folke Boberg.
Mongolian-English Dictionary.
Stockholm: Förlaget Filadelfia, 1954-55.

On page 201 Boberg describes the khos aldan as a “double fathom”, and on page 1104 he says half a fathom is a delim. However, we understand from a native speaker that a delim is the distance from the top of the shoulder to the fingertips, with the arm at the side. This distance is less than half the distance from fingertip to fingertip with the arms outstretched.

X A map showing the location of Mongolia.

Where is Mongolia?

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