Irish acre

A unit of land area, ? – 20ᵗʰ century¹, found in Ireland, Yorkshire, Westmoreland and regions bordering the Solway firth, = 160 Irish perches each 7 yards square = 7840 square yards, about 6,555 square meters or 1.6198 English acres. See also Cunningham acre for another acre in use in Ireland. Sometimes called the Irish plantation acre or simply the plantation acre², the Lancashire acre or the Churchland acre³.

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“...the Irish perch or pole is 7 yards, and that of England only 5½. Hence 11 Irish miles are equal to 14 English miles.

“The proportion between the land measures of England and Ireland is deduced from the square Perch of each country. Thus 30¼ Irish Acres = 49 English Acres. The former is called plantation measure and the latter statute measure.

“1 Irish Acre = 1 Acre 2 Roods 19 21/121 Perches English; and 1 Acre of the latter = 2 Roods 18 38/49 Perches of the former.”

Kelly, 1835, page 195.

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