Cadillac thread

In the early 20ᵗʰ century, a thread series used by the Cadillac Motor Company, identical to the U.S. standard thread series except for the thread form, in that the roots had no flat.



The Cadillac screw thread is the thread used by the Cadillac Motor Car Co., Detroit, Mich. It differs from the U.S. standard thread in that, while the sides are inclined to each other 60 degrees and it has a flat top, the bottom or root of the thread is a sharp V. Thus it partakes of the characteristics of both the U. S. standard thread and the sharp V-thread. In this respect, the Cadillac thread is like the International metric thread.

Machinery, vol. 22, March 1916, page 606.


Merits of Cadillac Form of Thread

American Machinist, Feb. 2, 1911.


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