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In the United States, the most common pallet size is 48 inches by 40 inches. In giving the dimensions of a pallet, the first number is the length of the stringer or stringerboard, which is perpendicular to the deckboards, whose length is the second number given. Pallets may be either 4-way, meaning a forklift can lift them from any side, or 2-way, in which case two sides of the pallet are solid and the tines can only be inserted from two sides.

The world is moving toward adoption of the Euro pallet system. The standard Euro pallet (ISO 1) is 800 millimeters by 1200 millimeters.  Other sizes are:

Designation Dimensions
in centimeters
1/8 Euro 40 by 30 
1/4 Euro 60 by 40
1/2 Euro
(ISO 0)
80 by 60
(ISO 1)
80 by 120
ISO 2 100 by 120

Some standards

ISO 3676. Packaging–Unit Load Sizes–Dimensions
ISO 3394. Dimensions of Rigid Rectangular Packages, Transport Packages.
DIN 15 146. Euro Pallet Specification
ANSI MH 1.2.2M. Pallet Sizes.

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