horse collars

The invention of the horsecollar made it possible to use horses to plough and pull heavy carts and wagons. The much speedier horse replaced oxen, though even today in some areas carts and ploughs are drawn by oxen.

engraving of man measuring horse, another of a horse collar with inside dimensions shown

“To measure the neck, place your hand on top and get the number of inches in a straight line to bottom of neck, as shown on drawing.  If you have a collar that fits your horse, measure as shown on drawing on collar. Inside measure only is wanted.”¹

1. Moseman's Illustrated Guide for Purchasers of Horse Furnishing Goods, Novelties and Stable Appointments, Imported and Domestic. 5th ed.
New York: C. W. Moseman and Brother, 1892.

Page 169.

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