This entry describes the sizes of machines that convert chemical energy to mechanical energy. For machines that convert electrical energy to mechanical energy, see electric motors.

Most powerful engines

Jet engines

Designation Description
Pratt and Whitney
98,000 pounds of thrust (78,400 horsepower). Installed on the Boeing 777-300 commercial aircraft.
General Electric GE90-115B Rated at 115,000 pounds of thrust (511 kilonewtons), but reached 127,900 pounds of thrust in a test. Most powerful turbofan engine as of 2006. Introduced in 2002, installed on the Boeing 777-300ER commercial aircraft.

Rocket engines

Designation Power
F-1 Used on the Saturn V spacecraft. 1,500,000 pounds of thrust, not adjustable.  Burned liquid oxygen and kerosene.  
RD-180 860,200 pounds of thrust (at sea level). Most powerful engine in an expendable rocket. Made in Russia, used in Atlas III and V rockets.

Truck engines

Designation Power
3,400 horsepower diesel engine with 4 turbochargers.  Used on the Caterpillar model 797, an off-road mining vehicle with a 360-ton payload.
Detroit Diesel
3,620 horsepower.  90-liter, 20-cylinder diesel.  Used in mining trucks.
Signature 600
600 horsepower. 15-liter 6 cylinder turbocharged diesel.  Used in on-road trucks.
600 horsepower. 15.8 liter displacement, 6 cylinders.  Used in on-road trucks.


Designation Description
General Electric
6,250 horsepower, 15.7, 16-cylinder diesel engine. It provides the power for General Electric's AC6000 locomotive.


Designation Description
Wartsila-Sulzer RTA96-C A family of diesel engines. The 14-cylinder version is 108,920 horsepower; it is the most efficient internal combustion engine ever manufactured. Cylinders are almost 38 inches in diameter. A good page on the engine: http://people.bath.ac.uk/ccsshb/12cyl/

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