Earls of Orkney

Rognvald of More 870  
Sigurd the Mighty 892 For a short version of Sigurd's rise
and comeuppance, as told in the 
Orkneyinga Saga
, see 
www.orkneyjar.com/history/- historicalfigures/sigmighty.htm
Guttorm 893 son of Sigurd.
Hallad 894 abdicated
Torf-Einar 895-910  
Arnkell 954  
Erlend 954  
Thorfinn Skullsplitter 963  
Arnfinn Thorfinnsson    
Havard Thorfinnsson    
Ljot Thorfinnsson    
Hlodver Thorfinnsson    
Sigurd the Stout 985-1014  
Sumarlidi 1014-1018  
Einar Falsemouth 1014-1020  
Brusi 1014-1030  
Thorfinn the Mighty 1020-1065  
Rognvald 1037-1046  
Paul 1065-1093  
Erlend 1065-1093  
Sigurd 1093-1103  



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