Reigns of the Kings of Norway


Monarch Years of Reign Comments
Halvdan Svarte (the Black) -880  
Harald I Hårfagre
Eirik I (Haraldsson) Blod�ks (Bloodaxe) 930-936 deposed; king of York 948, 952-954
Håkon I Haraldsson (Adelstensfostre) the Good 936-960  
Harald II Eiriksson 
Gråfel (Greycloak)
Håkon Sigurdsson 970-995  
Olav I Tryggvason 995-1000  
Eirik or Svein H�konsson 1000-1015  
Olav II Haraldsson 1016-1028 deposed
Håkon Eiriksson 1028-1029  
Knud the Great
Svein Knutsson (Alfivason) 1030-1035 deposed
Magnus I (Olavsson)
the Good
1035-1047 Denmark and Norway had a standing agreement that if the king of either country died without an heir, the throne would pass to the king of the other country. In 1042, Magnus also became king of Denmark when Harthacnut, king of Denmark, died without an heir.
Harald III (Sigurdsson) Hardråda 1046-1066 Killed in the Battle of Stamford Bridge trying to conquer England.
Magnus II Haraldsson 1066-1069 Son of Harald Hardråda. Joint rule with his brother Olav, below.
Olav III Haraldsson 
Kyrre (the Peaceful)
1067-1093 Son of Harald Hardråda.
Håkon Magnusson Toresfostre 1093-1095  
Magnus III (Olavsson) 
Berrf�tt (Barelegs)
1093-1103 son of Olav III. King of Man, 1098-1103
Olav IV Magnusson 1103-1115 Son of Magnus III. Joint rule with his 2 brothers. Died 1115.
�ystein I Magnusson 1103-1122 Son of Magnus III. 
Sigurd I Magnusson Jorsalfare (Jerusalemfarer) 1103-1130 Son of Magnus III. 
Magnus IV (Sigurdsson) the Blind 1130-1135  
Harald IV (Magnusson) Gille 1130-1136  
Sigurd II Munn 1136-1155  
Inge I (Haraldsson) Krokrygg 1136-1161  
�ystein II Haraldsson 1142-1157  
Håkon II (Sigurdsson) Herdebrei 1157-1162  
Magnus V Erlingsson 1161-1184  
Sverre Sigurdsson 1177-1203  
Håkon III Sverresson 1202-1204  
Inge II Bårdsson 1204-1217  
Håkon IV Håkonsson 1217-1263  
Magnus VI (Håkonsson) Lagabote (Lawmender) 1263-1280  
Erik II Magnusson
the Priest-Hater
Håkon V Magnusson 1299-1319  
Magnus Eiriksson 1319-1343 also king of Sweden. Turned over Norway to his son in 1343.
Håkon VI Magnusson 1343-1380  
Olav IV Håkonsson 1380-1387  
Margrete 1387-1412  
See reigns of Danish kings for the period 1412 to 1814
14 January 1814, Treaty of Kiel: Denmark cedes Norway to Sweden
8 June 1815, Act of the Congress of Vienna:  Sweden retains Norway, which is given a separate constitution.
See reigns of Swedish kings for the period 1815 to 1905
1905: Sweden and Norway separate.
Haakon VII 1905-1957  
Olav V 1957-1991  
Harald V 1991-  


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