Kings of Man and the Isles

Key to king’s origin or allegiance
Kings of Man and the Isles
Godfred mac Fergus 836-853  
Caitill Find Tryggvi 870-880  
Asbjorn Skerjabblesi 880-899  
899-914: rule disputed between the Scandinavian settlements at York and Dublin
914-921: ruled directly by York
Gibhleachan 921-937  
Mac Ragnall 937-942  
Magnus I Haraldsson
{Maccus mac Arailt}
Godfred I Haraldsson
{Gofraid mac Arailt}
Harald I 989-999  
Godfred II 999-1000  
Ragnald I Godfredson
Kenneth Godfredson 1005-1014  
Swein Kennethson 1014-1034  
Harald II Svarte (the Black) 1034-1052  
Margad Ragnallson 1052-1061  
Murchaid mac Diarmit 1061-1070  
Fingal Gofredson 1070-1079 deposed
Godfred IV Crovan 1079-1095  
Magnus II Barfod (Barelegs) 1098-1103 king of Norway, 1093-1103
Lagman Godredsson 1102-1104 abdicated
Sigurd 1104-1130  
Domnall mac Teige 1114-1115  
Murchadh O'Brian 1115-1137  
Olaf I Bitling the Red 1137-1153  
Godfred V the Black 1153-1158  
Somerled 1158-1164 killed in battle with Scottish king

In 1164 the Isles became a separate kingdom from Man.  See below for the continuation of the rulers of the Isles.

Kings of Man
Godfred V the Black 1164 second time
Ragnald 1164  
Godfred V the Black 1164-1187 third time
Ragnald 1187-1229  
Olaf II Odhar the Black 1229-1237  
Harald 1237-1248  
Ragnald 1248-1249  
Harald 1249-1250  
Ivarr 1250-1252  
Magnus III 1252-1265  
1265-1275: Scottish rule (sold to them by Norway)
Godfred Magnuson 1275  
1275-1290: Scottish rule
1290-1293: English rule
1293-1296: Scottish rule
1296-1313: English rule
1313: Scottish rule
1313-1333: disputed

Edward III of England establishes a new dynasty

William I de Montacute 1333-1344  
William II de Montacute 1344-1392  
William Le Scrop 1392-1399  
Henry Percy 1399-1405  
John I Stanley 1405-1414  
John II Stanley 1414-1437  
Thomas I Stanley 1437-1459  
Thomas II Stanley 1459-1504  
hereafter styled “Lords of Man”
Thomas III Stanley 1504-1521  
Edward Stanley 1521-1572  
Henry Stanley 1572-1593  
Ferdinando Stanley 1593-1594  
1594-1610: direct rule by the English
William I Stanley 1610-1612  
Elizabeth Stanley 1612-1627  
James I Stanley 1627-1651  
1651-1660: direct rule by the English
Charles Stanley 1660-1672  
William II Stanley 1672-1702  
James II Stanley 1702-1736  
1736: lordship passes to the Earls of Atholl
James Murray 1736-1764  
John Murray 1764-1765  
Partly in an attempt to suppress smuggling, the British purchased the sovereignty of the Kingdom of Man in 1765, and the rest of the Earl of Atholl's prerogatives in 1828, upon which Man became a Crown Possession. The lord of Man is currently appointed by the British monarch.
Kings of the Isles
Dugald 1164-1192  
Ragnald 1164-1210  
Donald I 1210-1230  
Uspak 1230  
Dugald Screech 1230-1235  
Duncan 1230-1248  
Ewen MacDougall 1248-1249  
Dugald Mac Ruari 1249-1266  

hereafter styled “Lord of the Isles”, under Scottish rule

Angus Mor the Elder 1266-1296  
Alexander I 1296-1299  
Angus Og the Younger 1299-1330  
John I 1330-1387  
Donald II 1387-1423  
Alexander II 1423-1449  
John II 1449-1493 last MacDonald Lord of the Isles
1493-1545: Scottish rule. In 1493, King James IV seized John II's land.
Donald Dubh the Black 1545  
after 1545, merged with the Scottish crown

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