Kings of Dublin

In the chronicles the seaborne warriors who took over Dublin are usually referred to as “Ostmen,” men from the east, or as “Danes,” although most of them were Norse.

As is very common throughout the world, in both the Norse and Irish cultures a person's surname was formed from the name of his father. For example, among the Vikings Ivar's son Olaf would be Olaf Ivarsson.  Among the Irish, paternity was indicated by the prefix “mac,”  so for example Murchad the son of Diarmuid would be Murchad mac Diarmata.  Applying the Irish usage (as the Irish did) to Norse names leads to some interesting connections betwen modern surnames. In Irish, the Norse Olaf (or Olav) becomes Aulaffe, and Olafsson (Olsen) becomes Macaullife.   Ivorsson (Iversen) = Macgyver; and so on.

Either form of a name may be encountered in histories, depending upon the perspective of the writer. As an aid to recognizing the names, the Norse form is given first, followed by the Irish in curly brackets.

Many of the dates are approximate.

{Aulaffe or Amlaph}
Auisle 863-867  
Ívar I Olafsson
{Ivar mac-Aulaffe}
Eysteinn Olafsson
{Ostin mac-Aulaffe}
873-875 Brother of Ivar I. Slain by Hálfdan. 
Bárdr 877-881 Foster father of Eysteinn.
Sigfrid Ívarsson
{Godfrid mac-Yvor
883-888 Murdered by his brother Sihtric.
Sigtryggr Ívarsson,
Sihtric I
{Sitrick mac-Yvor}
888-896 Briefly dethroned in 893 – 994 by a local jarl, Sigfred. Killed by own people.
Ivar II
{Aulaffe mac-Yvor}
  903 – 917 Norse driven out of Dublin, no king.
Sigtryggr II,
Sihtric Cáech
(Cáech = squinty)
917-921 Was also king of York, 921-927.
Gothfrith 921-934 Was also king of York, 927.
Olaf Guthfrithsson 934-941 Was also king of York, 939-941.
Blacaire 941-945 Died in battle with Congelach.
Godfrid mac-Sitrick 945-950 Killed in battle.
Olaf Sihtricsson
{Aulaffe mac-Sitric}
950-980 Was also king of York, 941-944, 949-952. Said to have made a pilgrimage to Iona, where he died of grief over the death of his son Reginald in battle the previous year.
Járnknè Olafsson
{Gluniaran mac-Aulaffe}
980-989 Murdered by a servant.
Sihtric Silkbeard
{Sitric mac-Aulaffe
989-1029 Brother of Járnknè. In 994 he was banished by a revolt led by Hymar, who ruled in his stead, but returned within the year and banished Hymar. Sihtric is said to have died on a pilgrimage to Rome.
Olaf Sihtricsson II
{Aulaffe mac-Sitric}
1029-1035 Slain in England while journeying to Rome.
Sihtric Olafsson
{Sitric mac-Aulaffe}
Echmarcach mac Ragnaill 1036-1038 Deposed.
Ivar Haraldsson 1038-1046 Deposed.
Echmarcach mac Ragnaill 1046-1052 Second reign. King of Man 1052-1064.
Murchad mac Diarmata 1052-1070  
Domnall mac Murchada or
Diarmit mac Máel
Gofraid 1072-1074 Deposed.
Muirchertach ua Briain 1074-1086  
Enna or Donnchad 1086-1089  
Godred Crovan 1091-1094 Expelled. king of Man 1079-1095.
Harris says Crovan subdued Dublin in 1066, died in 1076, and was followed by Godfrid Meranagh.
Domnall mac
Muirchertaig ua Briain
1094-1118 Deposed. King of Man 1096-1098.
Reginald mac-Torcall 1147  
Godfrid mac-Olave 1147- King of Man.  But some say Oiter or Octer. Octer slain by sons of Torcall.
Brodar mac-Torcall 1149-1161  
Asculph mac-Torcall 1161-1171  


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Scandinavian York and Dublin.  The History and Archaeology of Two Related Viking Kingdoms. Two volumes.
Dublin: Templekieran Press, 1975.

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