boxing weight classes

Chart to convert kilograms to pounds

The weight classes for amateur (including Olympic) and professional boxing in the United States are:

Class Maximum Weight in Kilograms
Amateur Professional
Light Flyweight 48 49
Flyweight 51 51
Bantamweight 54 53.5
Super Bantamweight 55
Featherweight 57 57
Junior Lightweight 59
Lightweight 60 61
Light Welterweight 63.5 63.5
Welterweight 67 66.5
Light Middleweight 71 70
Middleweight 75 72.5
Light Heavyweight 81 79
Cruiserweight 88.45
Heavyweight 91 >88.45
Super Heavyweight > 91

A boxer must weigh more than the maximum weight for the previous class and no more than the maximum weight for his class. A boxer cannot compete in more than one weight class in a single tournament.

Weigh-in begins at 8 am. A boxer who is no more than 2 pounds overweight has until 10 am to work off the excess weight and be reweighed. A boxer who is more than 2 pounds overweight is immediately disqualified.

Interestingly, though the weight classes are defined in kilograms, in the United States the weighing of boxers is done in customary units, which leads to one of the last survivals of the dram. For example, a Super Heavyweight must weigh more than 200 pounds, 9 ounces, and 15 drams.

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