drawing of shuttle, with dimensions

The ordinary shuttle contains 14 to 16 feathers, secured with thread. National associations may authorize substitutes, such as plastic, provided they do not materially alter the shuttle's behavior in play. Its mass is 73–85 grains (4.74–5.50 grams). Surprisingly, the shuttle in competition badminton is claimed to be the fastest object in sports.


Dimensions of the singles and doubles courts are shown in the drawing. The net is dark-colored. If the posts are not at the boundary line, thin vertical posts at least 1.5 inches wide should be placed at the boundary line, rising to the top of the net.

drawing of badminton court, with dimensions

A court in meters.

Badminton court dimensioned in meters.

From Cykelvalg, by permission.


Players may use any racket they like!

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