Ibrahim Index
of African Governance

An index compiled annually, 2007 to present, under the auspices of the Mo Ibrahim Foundation, rating all African nations in terms of the quality of governance. In the 2014 ratings, for example, Mauritius, Cape Verde and Botswana received the highest ratings. Ratings in four areas are currently considered: Safety and the Rule of Law, Participation and Human Rights, Sustainable Economic Opportunity, and Human Development. Some of the data is taken from existing efforts, such as the Human Development Index, and others are developed by the foundation itself.

Current ratings, an explanation of the methodology, and lists of the parties involved, can be found at


The methodology for this index has evolved. For example, the 2007 ratings were recalculated to take account of subsequent improvements. Although the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard participated in the earliest stages of the project, it was always the foundation's intention that the index be vetted and run by African scholars, and the present Advisory Council is largely African. They have also intended to be as transparent as possible regarding the sponsorship, actors and methodology behind the index, and their web site accomplishes that.


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