American Customer
Satisfaction Index

An index attempting to indicate, on a 100 point scale, the degree to which household consumers in the United States are satisfied with products and services. It is based on interviews, and compiled at the National Quality Research Center at the University of Michigan's Business School, using a methodology developed by Claes Fornell, the director of the center.

Ratings are developed for 164 large firms (together accounting for 40% of U.S. GDP), 30 government agencies, 29 industries, economic sectors, and the U.S. economy as a whole.  The index is updated quarterly, but not for all sectors.

For example, in the second quarter of 2000, an ACSI score of 74 was given to the personal computer industry, 79.4 to the manufacturing durables sector, and 72.8 to the economy as a whole.

Since 1994, changes in the ACSI have mirrored changes in the Dow-Jones Industrial Average.

For current data, see

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