short lengths

converting measurements to other units

This utility treats units of length from the very small up to kilometers and miles. The converters for longer lengths are distances and astronomical distances.

Converting measurements between short units of length

RMPRE stands for “relative maximum possible rounding error.”

  ± units. RMPRE =

is equivalent to:        .

name ± 0.5 units. RMPRE =

converted to ± 0.5 units. RMPRE =

name ± 0.5 units. RMPRE =

You entered a number with more than one decimal place. We can't continue. Try again.
You entered a number that is either negative, not a number at all, or too big. The program cannot handle numbers with more than 20 digits.
Please enter a measurement.

Only the more commonly encountered current and recent short units of length are included in the converter; obviously, there are thousands of others. Many of these can be identified in the charts on relationships between units of length in various systems. Links to some of these charts are given below. Every name in a chart should link to a page on that unit, but unfortunately it doesn't always because we still have a lot of work to do.

Ancient Egypt Bohemia England Korea Neo-Assyrian Sweden
Egypt (Ptolemaic) Burma Liege (France) Laos Ottoman Switzerland
Ancient Greece China Iceland Malacca Portugal Thailand
Ancient India China (shì zhì) India (Akbar) Malta Prussia Turkey (1881)
Akkadian China (haikwan) Ireland Maya Rome Turkey
Annam Denmark Japan Mexico Russia Vietnam
Babylon Egypt (20th c) Japan (for cloth) Mongolia Sumeria  

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