Privacy Policy
Effective 26 July 2019

This website,, provides information on a variety of topics. Some pages include links to other websites, but this Privacy Policy applies only to and not to any other website. If you follow a link in to another website, that site's privacy policy, if any, applies, and we are in no way responsible for that external site's practices.

We do not sell anything. We have no user accounts. We do not ask readers to register.

We do NOT collect any personally-identifiable information from users browsing this site. Since we do not store any information about you, we cannot rent, sell or share it with other parties, or even you. It doesn't exist.

In the information below, we use the phrase “anonymous data.” This means data that does not include information sufficient to identify a particular individual, such as name and address. You should be aware that researchers have shown that with the use of large databases even "anonymous data" can be traced back to particular individuals. Everyone is unique, so there is probably only one person who lives in Idaho, subscribes to Popular Mechanics, sings in the local barbershop quarter, and raises alpaca, even though all that information could be gathered without a name attached.

Terms entered in the site search box

We save in a log the words users enter into the search this site” form. We do this so that we can know what topics people want to find on the site. We use that information in planning new pages. However, we save only the words entered. We do not save anything about who entered the words, where they came from, or what they did next. We have no record connecting a word typed into the search box with the identity of the person who typed it.

The site search engine is a simple one that runs on our server. It is not an external third-party service like Google, Bing, Baidu, Yahoo! or Yandex, or even DuckDuckGo.

Information you enter into a form

Any information you enter into a form on a page in (for example, in one of the calculators), other than the site search form, is processed on your own computer. It is not sent back to us. (For the technically well-informed: no GET or POST actions.) For example, suppose you enter your height and weight in the body mass index calculator. Your height and weight will not be sent to us; they will be used by your own computer to calculate your body mass index. The result, your body mass index, will not be sent to us either. Further, the information will not be stored in a cookie, so if you leave the page and come back, you will have to re-enter it.


If you email us using the link at the bottom of a page, that email will contain whatever name and return address you provide in the “from” line, and other data in the header. We save these emails because they often contain valuable comments or suggestions that help us revise and improve pages.

We do not merge any personally-identifiable information from emails you send us with other anonymous data collected on our website.

Google Analytics

We use the Google Analytics service (GA). When you open a page on this website, the analytics program sets 5 cookies on your machine. Two of them are persistent; three are erased when you close your browser. See a description of the service by Google at

The value of the analytics service to us is that it tells us which pages are most often visited, in what countries the site is most used, and so on. We use this information in guessing what you would like us to do next.

Through GA we are recording anonymous data such as traffic logs, numbers of visits or clicks on a given page, pages viewed or links to our website. We do this to improve the site's navigability. We use IP addresses for gathering website statistics. We also store IP addresses on our server because if our site becomes corrupted such information is helpful in discovering the cause of the corruption. The recording of IP addresses, at least temporarily, is essential to the operation of the web.

We aggregate this anonymous data as part of managing, maintaining and reporting on use of our website. We may share this anonymous data with third parties for the limited purpose of reporting on use of our website, or to comply with applicable law. We do not rent, sell or share any anonymous data collected on this website with third parties for marketing purposes.

Google makes available a tool you can use to disable GA, the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on here. This browser add-on will work with the version of GA we use (on-page javascript).

We have not enabled the Google Analytics Advertising Features. See


Advertisements appearing on this web site have been placed through the Google Adsense program. We have opted out of the AdSense feature which enables it to show ads based on user interest categories, and visitation; information from this site is not used by Google to help create interest categories. Beyond that, we have little control over the ads. It is possible for ads to set cookies and trackers.

Some advertisers may have cookies on your machine from your previous visits to other sites, and may use information (NOT including your name, address, email address or telephone number) about your visits to this and other websites in order to provide advertisements about goods and services of interest to you. If you would like more information about this practice and to know your choices about not having this information used by these companies, visit

If you are concerned about privacy issues raised by some ads, you can employ an ad-blocker on your browser. Two that we can recommend are AdBlockPlus and Ghostery. Of course, by doing so you may be cutting off the cash flow to some of your favorite sites. AdBlockPlus has an "Acceptable Ads" option which allows through non-obnoxious, non-tracking ads.

Changes in the Privacy Policy

As the web and this website evolves, this Privacy Policy may be revised from time to time to accommodate changes in the Internet, the legal environment, and this website. We reserve the right to amend this Privacy Policy at any time, for any reason. Notice of such amendments will be posted as an updated Privacy Policy on this website, and an effective date will be shown. Users are encouraged to occasionally revisit's Privacy Policy.


Sizes, Inc. (a Delaware corporation) is the sole owner of all information collected on this site. None of its stock is held by any other corporate entity.

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