European television systems


Country Analog System Analog
Digital system
Albania PAL-B; PAL-G   DBV-T; DBV-T2
Andorra     DBV-T
Armenia     DBV-T
Austria PAL-B; PAL-G   DBV-T; DBV-T2
Azerbaijan     DBV-T; DBV-T2
Azores PAL-B    
Belgium PAL-B; PAL-H   DBV-T; DBV-T2
Croatia     DBV-T; DBV-T2
Czech Rep. SECAM-D; SECAM-K 2011 DBV-T; DBV-T2
Denmark PAL-B   DBV-T; DBV-T2
Estonia   2010 DBV-T
Faeroe Islands PAL-B; PAL-G   DBV-T
Finland PAL-B; PAL-G 2007 DBV-T; DBV-T2
France SECAM-L 2011 DBV-T
Georgia     DBV-T
Germany PAL-B; PAL-G;
in former GDR)
2008 DBV-T; DBV-T2
Gibraltar PAL-B; PAL-G    
Greece     DBV-T
Hungary     DBV-T
Iceland PAL-B; PAL-G   DBV-T
Ireland PAL-A; PAL-I 2012 DBV-T
Italy PAL-B; PAL-G 2012 DBV-T; DBV-T2
Latvia   2010 DBV-T
Lithuania     DBV-T
Luxembourg PAL-B; SECAM-L; PAL-G   DBV-T2
Malta PAL-B   DBV-T
Moldova     DBV-T
Monaco PAL-B; SECAM-L    
Netherlands PAL-B; PAL-G 2006 DBV-T
Norway PAL-B; PAL-G 2009 DBV-T
Poland PAL-B; PAL-G 2013 DBV-T
Portugal PAL-B; PAL-G   DBV-T
Romania PAL-D; PAL-K   DBV-T; DBV-T2
Russia   2014-2017 DBV-T; DBV-T2
San Marino      
Serbia     DBV-T2
Slovakia     DBV-T; DBV-T2
Slovenia     DBV-T
Spain PAL-B; PAL-G 2010 DBV-T
Sweden PAL-B; PAL-G 2007 DBV-T; DBV-T2
Switzerland PAL-B; PAL-G   DBV-T
Ukraine     DBV-T; DBV-T2
United Kingdom PAL-I 2012 DBV-T; DBV-T2
Vatican City State      
Yugoslavia PAL-B, PAL-H

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