electric cable equivalents
metric (ISO) to Standard Wire Gauge

The British Standard Wire Gauge describes the wire's diameter; the metric conductor sizes describe the nominal area of the cross section of the conductor. The actual cross-sectional areas depend in part upon the stranding of the cable.

A cable with the SWG value shown will have at least as much carrying capacity as the metric cable for which it is being substituted. In other words, values have always been rounded down. Some of the values shown, although the minimum size needed, are not commercially available. In that case, use the next heavier available size.

Do not use this table to find the metric equivalent to an SWG cable. For that, go here.

The table assumes the SWG-sized cable is substituted for a metric-sized cable of the same type. It cannot be used, for example, to find an SWG-sized aluminum cable to substitute for a copper metric cable. If the types are dissimilar, consult the cable manufacturer's literature to determine capacity.

Nominal Cross-sectional Area
in square millimeters
(the ISO standard)
Substitute this
Standard Wire Gauge
0.5 21
0.75 19
1.0 18
1.5 17
2.5 15
4 13
6 11
10 9
16 6
25 4
35 2
50 0
70 3/0
95 6/0
120 7/0

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