metal tubing

Plumbers call the pipe that carries water in houses “tube,” but this entry deals with the smaller stuff, such as that used by hobbyists. Not all tubing is round; tubing is also made with square, rectangular, and even hexagonal cross sections.

Telescoping tubing

such that each size slides snugly into the next, is made in several metals, with outer diameters in steps of 1/32 inch, in brass from 1/16 inch to 21/32 inch, in copper from 1/16 inch to 5/32 inch, and in aluminum from 1/16 inch to 9/32 inch. The wall of the tubing is 0.014 inches thick.

Telescoping tubing is also available with a wall twice as thick, which requires 1/16 inch jumps in the sizes, and fewer sizes are offered.

Capillary tubing

is thin, with a very fine bore and a heavy wall; it is used to transmit pressure changes to remote sensors and is made in corrosion resistant metals such as pure nickel and stainless steel. Typical bore diameters are 0.010 inches, 0.020 inches, and 0.030 inches; the outer diameter is often 0.0625 inches.

Hypodermic tubing

is sized by the outer diameter, in Stub’s Iron Wire Gauge.

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