Thai measures of length and capacity
A pre-1877 view

From pages 20 and 21 of

D. J. Bapt. Pallegoix.
English Siamese Vocabulary enlarged with an introduction to the siamese language and a supplement. new edition
Bangkok: for sale at the Catholic Mission Press, 1877.

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tical-Bat = tical baht

sălu'ng = salung

f'uang = fuang

phăi = pai

tămlŭ'ng = tamlung

xàng = chang

xàng chin = Chinese catty


XIV. 1

va = wah

sôk = sauk

khù'b = keup

kăbiẽt = kabiet

sen = sen

rai = rai

XIV. 2

khanan = tanan

thang = thang

kien = kwien and see coyan

sat = sat


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