Henry III to the Mayor and Good Men of Bordeaux
[Probably 28 July 1219]

Henricus, Dei gratia rex Angliæ, dominus Hiberniæ, dux Normanniaæ et Aquitaniaæ, comes Andegaviæ, majori et probis hominibus Burdegaliæ, salutem.

Noveritis quod de communi consilio nostro mensurari fecimus dolia vinaria, quæ mercatores villæ vestræ Burdegalensis adduxerunt cum vinis in Angliam, et inventa fuerunt minus continentia quam debitam et antiquam mensuram mutationis ; quod quidem alias vobis significavimus.

Et ideo vobis mandamus, firmiter præcipientes quod de cetero in Angliam non mittatis, vel mitti permittatis dolia cum vinis, quæ debitam et antiquam mensuram mutationis non contineant : scituri proculdubio quod si de cetero in Angliam venerint dolia cum vinis minoris mensuræ, vina ipsa penitus amittent ii qui ea duxerint, et incident insuper in misericordiam nostram. Teste Huberto de Burgo, justiciario nostro, apud Westmonasterium xxviijo. die Julii.


Henry, by the grace of God King of England, Lord of Ireland, Duke of Normandy and Aquitaine, Count of Anjou, to the mayor and good men of Bordeaux, greeting.

You should know that by the common counsel we have caused to be measured our casks of wine, which merchants bring to England with wine from the villages of Bordeaux, and discovered they contained less than the required and ancient measure, which indeed we have indicated to you at another time.

And therefore we command you, firmly direct that such not be sent to England. Actually permit casks of wine to be sent which make no change in the due and ancient measure. Know without doubt that if other casks of wine of lesser measure are sent to England, they shall be seized, and in addition shall be liable to our mercy.

Witness Hubert de Burgh, our legal counsellor, at Westminster the 28th of July.


Walter Waddington Shirley, editor.
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In the series Chronicles and Memorials of Great Britain and Ireland during the Middle Ages.
London: Longman, Green, Longman, and Roberts, 1862.
Pages 36 & 37.
Rotuli litterarum patentium in Turri londinensi asservati. Vol. I. pars I. Ab anno MCCI ad MCCXVI. under date;
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