2 Henry VI chapter 14

The text is that of the English version printed in Statutes of the Realm, vol. II, page 222, with the following changes: Extra paragraph breaks have been added, even in the middle of sentences, because such chunking of the text makes it easier for a modern reader to grasp the meaning. The special ligatures and symbols needed to represent abbreviations common in 15th-century handwriting, for which no equivalents exist in online fonts, have been spelled out.

ITEM, Whereas in old Time it was ordained and lawfully used,

That Tuns, Pipes, Tertians, Hogsheads of Gascoign Wine, Barrels of Herring and of Eels, and Butts of Salmon, coming by way of Merchandise into this Land out of strange Countries, and also made in the same Land, should be of certain Measure; that is to say,
The Tun of Wine CC.lii, Gallons,
the Pipe C. xxvj. Gallons,
the Tertian lxxxiv. Gallons,
the Hogshead lxiij. Gallons,
the Barrel of Herring and of Eels xxx. Gallons fully packed,
the Butt of Salmon lxxxiv. Gallons fully packed;

nevertheless, by Device and Subtilty now late such Vessels have been of much less Measure to the great Deceit and Loss of the King and of his People, whereof special Remedy was prayed in the Parliament;

It is ordained and stablished,

[Sizes of wine measures]

That no Man, after the End of Twelve Months from the Feast of Easter next coming, shall bring into the Realm of England, from what Country soever it be, nor make within the said Realm, a Tun of Wine, except it contain of the English Measure CC. lij. Gallons, the Pipe C. xxvj. Gallons, and so after the Rate the Tertians and the Hogshead of Gascoin wine,

[Penalty for false wine measures]

upon pain of forfeiture of the same wine;

[Sizes of fish measures]

nor Barrel of Herring, nor of Eels, unless they contain xxx. Gallons fully packed; nor Butt of Salmon, unless it contain lxxxiv. Gallons fully packed ; nor Kinderkins, Tertians, and Firkins of Herring, nor of Eels, nor of Salmon, but after the Rate, fully packed, after the Feast of the Nativity of Saint John the Baptist next coming,

[Penalty for false fish measures]

upon Pain of Forfeiture of the said Herring, Eels, and Salmon, so brought or made contrary to this Ordinance, in what City, Borough, and Town of the Realm, or in any part of England, that such Defaults be found, to the Lord of the same Town; and that he which will sue and prove the said Defaults, shall have the Fourth Part of the same Forfeiture; and the Justices of Peace in all the Counties of England, and Mayors and Bailiffs, having Power to inquire of the Peace, shall inquire, hear, and determine all the same Defaults; and that this Ordinance extend and have Strength, as well within the County of Chester, as elsewhere.


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