25 Edward III chapters 9 and 10


[Chapter 9]

ITEM, Whereas great Damage and Deceit is done to the People, for that divers Merchants use to buy and weigh Wools and other Merchandises, by a Weight which is called Auncel; It is accorded and established, That this weight called Auncel betwixt Buyers and Sellers shall be wholly put out; and that every Person do sell and buy by the Balance, so that the Balance be even, and the Wools and other Merchandizes evenly weighed by the right Weight; so that the Sack of Wool weigh no more but xxvi Stones, and every Stone to weigh xiv. l. and that the Beam of the Balance do not bow more to one part than to the other; and that the Weight be according to the Standard of the Exchequer: And if any Buyer do the contrary, he shall be grievously punished, as well at the Suit of the Party, as at the Suit of our Lord the King.

[Chapter 10]

ITEM, Whereas it is contained in the Great Charter, that one Measure shall be throughout England, which Charter hath not been well kept and holden in this point in Times past; It is accorded and assented, That all the Measures, that is to say, Bushels, Half-bushels, Peck, Gallon, Pottle, and Quart, throughout England, within Franchises and without, shall be according to the King's Standard; and the Quarter shall contain Eight Bushels by the Standard, and no more; and every Measure of Corn shall be striken without Heap, saving the Rents and Ferms of Lords, which shall be measured by such Measures as they were wont in Times past. And the Purveyors of the King, of the Queen, and all other, shall make their Purveyances by the same Measure striked in the same manner; and at all Times that shall be needful, [and] our Lord the King shall assign certain Justices in every County to inquire, hear, and determine upon the Points aforesaid, and upon the same to do Punishment according to the Trespass, as well at the Party's Suit as at the King's; so always, that all Manner of Franchises be saved to the Lords in all Points without Blemish to be made in any Manner.

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