12 Henry VII chapter 5

The abbreviations and ligatures have been replaced and the spelling modernized wherever it might confuse a modern reader.

Where as afore this tyme the King our Sovereign Lord intending the common weal of his people, and to avoide the great disceite of Weightis and Mesures longe tyme used within this his Realme contrarie to the statute of Magna Carta and othre estatutes thereof made by divers of his noble progenitors, att his great charge and coste did doo make weightis and mesures of brasse according to the olde standardes thereof remaynying in his Tresorye; and for that oone weight and oone mesure shuld be used thrugh oute this his Realme, in avoiding of all fraude and discords in that behalf, it was att the last parliament holden the xiiijth day of October in the xjth yere of our seid Sovereign Lordis reign ordeyned that the seid mesures and weightis shuld be delyvered to the Knightes and Citezins of every Shire and Citie assembled in the same Parliament, Barons of the v. portes and certeyn Burgeises of Burgh Townes, surely by them to be conveyed to certeyn Cities Burghs and Townes specified in a Cedule unto the same acte annexed there to remayne for ever, to thentent in the same acte more largely declared, whiche weightis and mesures upon more diligent examynacion had synz the making of the seid estatute been proved defective and not made according to the old lawes and statutes thereof ordeyned within the seid realme; Wherefore the Kinge our Sovereign Lord by thassent of his Lordis spiritual and temporall and Comens in this present parliament assembled and by auctorite of the same, ordeyneth establissheth and enacteth, 

[bushel and gallon defined]

that the mesure of the busshell conteyn viij galons of whete, and that every galon conteyn viij pounds of whete of troy weight, and every unce conteyn xx sterlinges, and every sterling be of the weight of xxxij cornes of wheat that grewe in the myddes of the Eare of the whete, according to the old Lawes of this Land.

[intention to preserve new prototype of the bushel and gallon in the Exchequer]

And that it pleaseth the Kingis Highnes to make a standard of a busshell and a galon aftir the seid assise to remayne in his seid Tresory for ever; 

[recall of standards issued last year (11 Henry VII chapter 4)]

and from hensforth the seid newe busshels and galons lately sent forthe be not used nor occupied for no mesures, but that they be sent agayn unto the Kingis receipte by the fest of Whitsontide next comyng, at the costis and chargis of the seid Cities Burghs and Townes havyng the seid Busshels and galons in kepyng, upon payn of x pounds to be forfeited to the Kinge; 

[new standards to be issued]

the same busshels and galons so sent ageyne into the Kingis receipte to be broken, and with the stuffe and metall of the same busshels and galons othre newe busshels and galons by thadvyse of the Tresorer and undir Tresorer of Englond for the tyme being before the fest of all Seyntis next comyng to be made, and sised according to the seid busshell and galon whichie by this present acte is ordeyned to be newe made and to remayn in the seid Tresory, att the costis and charges of the same Cities Burghs and Townes; and that every Citie Burgh and Towne within this Realme, which nowe have or shuld have hadde by reason of the seid acte made in the said xith yere any of the seid newe busshell or galon, do convey and carie, before the fest of Synt Andrewe next comyng into every of the same Citie Burgh and Towne, a busshell and galon newely to be made as is aforseid att the costes and charges of the same Cities Burgh and Towne there to remayne; and all other busshels galons and mesures, whiche be to be made aftir the forme by this acte ordeyned, be marked and ordred after the forme and effecte of the seid acte made the seid xi yere, and in the meane season to use suche busshels and galons as hath been used last afore the comyng downe of the seid newe busshels and galons and before the making of the seid statute in the seid xith yere; 

[Penalties of the act of 11 Henry suspended until Candlemass; in effect thereafter]

And that all penalties in the first acte expressed be of noon effect unto the fest of Candilmasse whiche shall be in the yere of our Lord God MCCCClxxxxvij, and after the same fest the same acte made in the seid xjth yere to stand in full strength, with his penalties uppon the seid busshels and galons newe to be made, as it shuld have doon upon the seid newe busshels and galons made afore the making of this present acte, if this acte hadde not be made.

[destruction of old measures]

AND that it be ordeyned by the seid auctorite, that aftir the seid newe busshels and galons be made according to this present acte, that all other busshels and galons of brasse remaynyng aswell in the seid Tresory as in all othre places of Englond be before the fest of Cristmas next comyng dampned and broken, upon payn of xx pounds to be levyed upon every Citie Burgh and Towne or any other place havyng the keping of the common measures, that kepe still any other busshell or galon unbroken and not dampned of brasse, than is ordyned to be made by this present acte.

Statutes at Large, vol. II, pages 637-638.

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