Help for the units index


Alphabetization is by English alphabetical order. Accented characters are placed immediately after the most similar roman unaccented character. For example: barrique, bárulá, barye.


Symbols used in publications in English that are not characters in the roman alphabet are listed in “symbol”. The symbols directory also includes a number of ancient, medieval, and non-English symbols. The symbol "@", for example, is the Spanish symbol for the arroba.

Bracketed comments

Square brackets [ ] indicate the language or languages. More than one pair of square brackets shows the word exists in different languages, or as identical romanizations of different words in non-Roman languages.

Curly braces { } enclose locations.

Special glyphs

The index entries containing, for example, a Chinese, Japanese or Korean character, are larger because a height of at least 24 pixels is needed for such characters to be legible.

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