Help for the Calculators

If a calculator doesn't work, we may have made a mistake.  Please check the following tips. If they don't apply, please send us an email describing the problem. Please, please, include the title of the page.

1. Is JavaScript enabled on your browser? JavaScript is a computer language the calculators use. Most browsers come with JavaScript, but it may be turned off for security reasons. But the risk with JavaScript is extremely low. Unlike general purpose computer languages, JavaScript was deliberately designed so that it cannot read or write any files on your computer, except cookies.

A web page with good information on how to turn on JavaScript on old browsers is

Java and JavaScript are two completely different things. Nothing in requires Java; you do not need to enable Java for us.

2. Did you download and save a page with a calculator on your computer, but when you reopened the page you discovered the calculator didn't work? Sorry, but the way is set up, different kinds of pages depend on each other. An .htm page by itself won't work.

3. Does the calculator convert between units, and you get a puzzling result? For a fuller explanation, see Converting from big units to smaller units

4. If you are trying to use the converter to get a conversion factor, by entering “1” in the input box for the first unit, you will not get a useful answer. Try entering “1.000000000000”. Or better, use the value in the web page on that unit (not the rounded off value from the charts).


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