photo of Dasylirion wheeleri

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An alcoholic beverage made in the state of Chihuahua, Mexico, by roasting, fermenting, and then distilling the roots of the Desert spoon or sotol plant (Dasylirion wheeleri S. Watson).¹ Sotol is a controlled appellation.²

Although the production process is similar to that used for mezcal, sotol is not a mezcal, since it is not made from an agave.3 

1. Bebidas Alcohólicas-Sotol-Especificaciones y Mètodos de Prueba.
Estandares Oficiales (NOMS), 16 June 2004.

2. Declaración de protección a la denominación de origen Sotol.
Diario Oficial de la Federación, 8 August 2002.

3. Agaves belong to the family Agavaceeae; the sotol belongs to the family Liliaceae. Further, publications of the Mexican government do not lump sotol with mezcal, e.g., “en la elaboración de tequila, mezcal o bebida de henequèn y sotol…” (Práctica Fiscal - Núm. 379, Nov. 2004).

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