photo of cherries

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sweet cherries

U.S. Department of Agriculture grades

U.S. No. 1

The cherries in any container must be similar in color and shape. At least 95% of the surface of the cherry must show the color characteristic of mature cherries of that variety, and the cherries must be mature enough that they will reach ripeness. Minimum diameter is ¾ inch. They must be free from decay, insect larva or holes, and sunscald. Doubles are allowed as long as each of the halves is evenly formed. As many as 8% may be offgrade at the shipping point, and as many as 12% en route or at the destination. Not more than 4% may be seriously damaged, and not more than 0.5% affected by decay.

U.S. Commercial

Standards are the same as for U.S. No. 1 except that the minimum diameter is 5⁄8 inch and the tolerance is raised to 16 percent at the shipping point, 24 percent en route or at destination.

U.S. standards: 36 fr 8502, May 7, 1971, most recently redesignated at 46 fr 63203, December 31, 1981.

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