Arrow, or Aroo Root, is prepared from a root resembling the galangal; the plant (Maranta) is common in the East and West Indies. It is obtained by the following process :- the roots, when a year old, are dug up, washed in water, and beaten in deep wooden mortars to a pulp; it is then put into a tub of clean water, well washed, and the fibrous part thrown away. The milky liquor, being passed through a sieve or coarse cloth, is suffered to settle, and the clear water is drawn off; at the bottom of the vessel is a white mass, which is again mixed with clean water, and drained; lastly, the mass is dried in the sun, and is pure starch.

William Milburn.
Revised by Thomas Thornton.
Oriental Commerce, or the East India Trader's Complete Guide; …
London: Printed for Kingsbury, Parbury, and Allen, 1825.
Page 286.


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