cuerda [Spanish]

Literally, cord or string.


In Paraguay, ? –20th century , a unit of length, = 83 13 old varas, approximately 69.88 meters (approximately 76.42 yards). Also called a cordel.

United Nations, 1966.


In Puerto Rico, ?–20th century, a unit of land area, approximately 3,930 square meters (approximately 0.971 acres). Abbreviation, cda. According to Act 135, section 4 (page 100), 1913–14, as amended by Act No. 3, 1913–14:

In land measurements and records the measurement by cuerda customarily used in Porto [sic] Rico, which shall be equivalent to 3,930.395625 square meters, may also be used.

In the 1950s, the government reported to the United Nations that the unit remained in use.


In Spain, ? – 19th century, a unit of length, about 6.889 meters (about 7.554 yards).  In Valencia, the cuerda = 40 varas, about 37.21 meters (about 40.7 yards).

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